Oliver Machinery 1013 IntelliCarve Automatic Carving Machine

Oliver Machinery 1013 IntelliCarve Automatic Carving Machine
=> I-Picture patented software included
=> Very easy to use; only basic computer skills necessary
=> Everything to get started is included
=> Stepper motors and ball screws move the DC brushless motor and spindle along IGUS bearings and guides for superior accuracy
=> Sturdy construction of aluminum and composite materials ensure long life

The 1013 intelliCarve is a 13” x 18” capacity automatic carving machine capable of producing 2D and 3D carvings. It’s super easy to use and lets you to get started right away making all kinds of beautifully artistic projects. There is no need to learn complicated CAD/CAM software programs and only very basic computer skills are necessary. Use i-Picture to open your favorite digital picture and let it convert the picture to a Gee-code file. Copy the file to a USB flash drive, plug the flash drive into intelliCarve and away you go. In no time you have a beautiful lithophane reproduction of your original photograph.  Or get started right away making 3D carvings from the included library of drawings. The intelliCarve capabilities are very impressive and can be seen in the intricacies of the carvings it will produce. The 1013 intellicarve comes complete with everything you need to get started, including carving bits and the patented i-Picture software. 3D pieces, and lithophanes are just a small sample of projects the IntelliCarve can produce. Stepper motors give an accuracy of 0.004” ensuring picture perfect results with little or no hand sanding. Its robust design and use of composite materials makes the 1013 virtually maintenance free. Simply blow off the dust and its ready to go.