JPM-13CS 13-Inch Planer/Molder – JET 708524

JPM-13CS 13-Inch Planer Molder - JET 708524

  • Motor: 1-1/2 horsepower, 1 phase, 115/230 volt
  • Maximum planing width: 13 inches
  • Maximum planing thickness: 6-1/8 inches
  • Maximum planing length: 14 inches
  • Cutterhead: 4,500 rpm speed, 2-9/16-inch diameter
  • Cuts per minute: 13,500
  • Feed rate: 20 feet per minute (FPM) planing; 10 FPM molding
  • Dimensions: 24 inches by 25 inches by 41 inches
  • Weight: 258 pounds

Boasting a 1-1/2-horsepower motor, the Jet 708524 JPM-13CS planer/molder produces a superior finish with its three-cutter head design and can handle material up to 13 inches wide and up to 6 inches in height. A sturdy cast-iron table and base provide strength and reduce vibration during use, and built-in lockable casters add support and stability while allowing easy maneuverability.

Designed and built with the home woodworking shop in mind.

708524 JPM-13CS
13-Inch Planer/Molder
At a Glance:

  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled 1-1/2-horsepower motor
  • Three-cutter head design produces a superior finish
  • Molding cutter head accommodates more than 40 standard molding cutter sets
  • Adjustable, rubber-coated infeed and outfeed rollers won’t mar wood
  • Top-mounted height adjustment handle
  • Five-year limited warranty
At a Glance

Power Base for Home Woodworking

Designed and built with the home woodworking shop in mind, the Jet 708524 JPM-13CS has a totally enclosed 1-1/2-horsepower, 115-volt motor that can easily be rewired to 230 volts. The motor delivers its power to the cutterhead assembly through a pair of V-belts running in precision-machined multi-groove pulleys. A removable side door on the cabinet provides access to the motor and its belt-tensioning mount should adjustment become necessary in the future.

Superior Cutting and Feeding

The JPM-13CS features an all-steel, precision-machined cutterhead (2-9/16-inch diameter) fitted with three full-width knives. The knives are retained by three-piece wedge-shaped gibs that allow for the installation of many molding-knife profiles without removing the planer blades. The center gib section makes installing most molding knives easy (2 inches wide and under).

The planer/molder has two feed rates, with the high 20 FPM (feet per minute) setting used primarily for dimensioning wood when lots of material is being removed quickly. The 10 FPM speed is used for finish cuts when the smoothest possible surface is desired, and this slower feed rate is also used for molding operations.

Rubber-covered infeed and outfeed rollers keep the stock moving at a consistent pace, and the rubber feed roller surface gets a good grip on the wood without marring the profiled surface of molded wood. Both of the feed rollers are easily adjustable to maintain their performance.

Generously Sized, High-Quality Table

The cast-iron table lends plenty of heft and contact surface, measuring 19-1/4 inches long by 14 inches wide. The table has 6 inches of travel maintained by lead screws on either side and is driven by an easy-to-use hand crank on top of the machine. Handy metric and inch scales flank the infeed housing opening to make adjusting cut depth simple and accurate. It comes with an incorporated dust chute–so it’s simple to hook up to a dust collector and keep the shop clean. Four lockable casters (not standard) make it easy to maneuver the tool in a tight shop. It’s backed by a five-year limited warranty.